Equipping marriages and family

for the church in africa

Our Vision

Churches made of families equipped to introduce others to Jesus.

Our Mission

Provide resources that help promote healthy, lifelong, God-centred marriages and families.

A word from the director


Welcome to Equip Family Ministry! I am thrilled to have you here and we hope that you find our resources helpful and insightful. Our passion is to equip families in Africa with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive within the church community.

At Equip Family, we believe that a strong family unit is the backbone of any community, and we strive to empower couples and families to build healthy relationships that reflect God’s love for His people. Through various avenues, we offer practical guidance and support to help couples navigate the challenges of marriage and parenting.

Whether you’re newlyweds seeking to build a strong foundation for your marriage, or a family in need of support, we invite you to explore this website and discover the resources that we have available. We are ready to connect with you, and are here to walk alongside you and provide the encouragement and guidance you need to build a thriving family and a strong church community.

Rev. Richard Munala

Our Stories

What We’ve Done

We’ve been busy! Despite changing times in the world (hello…and goodbye Covid), we’ve managed to meet with wonderful people and share great and powerful moments with them. See some of our past events here.

Nakuru: Family Seminar

In July, we were in Nakuru sharing with families.

Meeting with Couples

Young or old, we are always happy to share the gospel and share resources for marriage and family life.

When We Pray

Praying with those we meet along the way is always a joy.


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Some of our Partners

Would you like to donate to help our work?

The work is plenty, and resources can be scarce. Any help goes a long way and we deeply appreciate your generosity.