Who We Are

Equip Family International Ministry (EFIM) is a Christian ministry that was created out of the need to equip people and churches to meet the growing need of developing strong Marriages and families. Our society is in the midst of a change so powerful that it has rocked every part of our lives, including our families. If the family fails to properly handle these changes, and continues to falter, every part of our society, including our churches, will be affected deeply.

EFIM understands the importance of strong marriages and families for the advancement of the gospel. We partner with individual families, churches, Para-church organizations and secular organizations to intentionally equip and provide resources needed to build strong marriages and families.

As a non denominational ministry we provide services and information to enhance all aspects of family life. We create and provide faith-based marriage and family seminars and training courses to educate Pastors, church leaders, couples, singles, parents, and children for happy, successful and lasting relationships.

Our Vision and Mission:

To advance the gospel by providing Education and resources that help promote healthy, life-long, God-centered marriages and families in the East and central Africa.

Ultimate Goal

To help families to know and glorify God through an authentic relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ

How we accomplish our Mission:

  1. Trainning Seminars and Conferences: Partner with Churches, para-church organizations and community leaders to conduct marriage and parenting seminars..
  2. Resources- Provide marriage resources to churches and organizations.
  3. Mentoring- Train and equip marriage mentors who will coach other couples in their marriages.
  4. Leadership Development- Train and equip Pastors to develop marriage and family ministries in their churches and communities.
  5. Counseling- Provide marital counseling to couples who cannot afford it.
  6. Children’s Ministry- Provide children’s ministry workers training for effective child Evangelism and Discipleship.
  7. Youth Ministry Development- Equipping youth leaders to deal with issues oflife such as alcoholism, sexuality, drugs, Relationships, etc  
  8. Financial Seminars to Empower families economically- Teaching good stewardship that God has given, basic business development, Budgeting etc